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100% Linen • Made In Germany • 100% Bamboo

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Exclusive slings & magical baby things

100% linen • Made in Germany • 100% bamboo

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100% linen • made in Germany • 100% bamboo

Exclusive slings & magical baby things

customer reviews

"Our little one fell asleep in 5 seconds!"

Eva & Yannick K.

“I am very happy with our ring sling! It is perfect when the strength in the legs decreases at the end of the walk. Then I can quickly put our little one in the sling and she can rest. It's also nice and warm under the jacket. The sling is so light and unobtrusive that I simply put it on beforehand.”

Marie F

"I feel greatful that I am able to wear my baby, that I am able to keep him close, that I am able to be his safe place, that I get endless cuddles daily, that I am creating a secured attachment, I am greatful for each, and every second of babywearing!"

Cristina K

"Happiest baby boy in town!"

Jana G

"You can see how much love is in it!"

Rabea K

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