We took a lot of time until we found our pure, incomparably soft 100% bamboo fabric.

Like all purely natural materials, bamboo is also breathable, antibacterial and quick-drying, so that even if your baby wrap, swaddle and cap is used for a longer period of time, the most comfortable fit is guaranteed for you and your baby.

Bamboo is also ecologically very valuable: The raw material is particularly sustainable because it grows extremely fast (up to ½ meter per day) and does not require fertilizer, pesticides or a lot of water.

Elastic cloths are probably the most comfortable to wear. Because they move with you, they don't restrict either the wearer or the baby - so they are recommended by midwives for the early days.

Many stretch slings on the market are TOO stretchy - they are extremely stretchy in every direction, so the support wears out over time.

The stronger cross-elasticity of our bamboo fabric offers the solution to this problem: the fabric is significantly less stretchy in one direction than in the other. This guarantees the necessary support for your baby and permanent, sufficient stability - for many, long, cuddly, unforgettable moments!