We were quickly convinced that a natural, 100% pure linen fabric was the perfect choice for our HänschenKlein Ring Slings & linen slings! There are countless advantages that have convinced us:

Linen is a thoroughly natural and at the same time ecological fabric: it is woven from the natural fiber flax. Due to the fact that a particularly stable structure is created after the weaving process, linen is many times stronger than cotton and therefore never loses its shape.

The remarkable tear resistance is also a perfect property.

The structure of linen ensures that air can circulate permanently, which has the advantage that the skin can breathe even if it is directly touched.

Since it absorbs up to 35% additional humidity due to its special absorbency, it has a cooling effect in summer - and before linen feels clammy, it can absorb up to 1/5 of its own weight.

But linen is not only an all-rounder in summer - linen has a warming effect in winter! It has been proven that the thermal conductivity is five times better than wool and eighteen times better than silk.

The material is naturally germicidal, dirt-repellent and almost antistatic. It is particularly recommended for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin, while also protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

Another bonus of linen lies in the production - it is significantly more environmentally friendly than that of cotton, which requires huge amounts of water.

With these advantages, your HänschenKlein Ring Sling will not only be a chic and comfortable companion for you, but will also bring many practical and environmentally friendly advantages that you would never want to do without with a baby sling.